June 20, 2017

Fantastic Beasts and Where to See Them

Spring is here, and summer is on the way! At American Excursionist, that means it's time to start planning your next outdoor adventure. To help we're launching a new series to highlight some of the amazing experiences that we offer across the 100+ of USA and Canada's spectacular National Parks and Preserves. Animal lovers rejoice, because we're kicking things off with a selection of National Park experiences that put your clients face-to-face with some of the continents' most extraordinary creatures. From the polar bears of the Arctic Circle to sunny Florida's very own swampy gators, we work with incredible guides and expert naturalists to deliver the best of the best when it comes to North American safari tourism, all in signature American Excursionist style of comfort and eco-responsibility.


Yellowstone National Park - Gray Wolf

Since their reintroduction to the park, gray wolves have thrived as the apex predators of the Yellowstone Park ecosystem. Tour the park with an expert wolf tracker/biologist and see these incredible canines in action. Where to Stay: Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone

Everglades National Park - American Alligators

Take a private high speed airboat through the swamps, going where big tourist boats can't. Spot gators and other unique wildlife during an interpretive tour with a naturalist guide. Afterwards you'll get one-on-one time with baby alligators! Where to Stay: The Ritz Carlton Naples, The Setai Miami Beach

Wapusk National Park - Polar Bear

As tough as the Arctic landscape, polar bears are rarely seen in the wild. Travel with us to get as close to wild polar bears as possible – without sacrificing comfort or safety - as you observe them from a tundra buggy, or even from the comfort of your lodge! Where to Stay: Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

Pacific Rim National Park - Orca/Killer Whale

As the inhumane practice of keeping these remarkable animals in captivity ends, visiting orcas in the wild becomes increasingly popular. The waters of British Columbia's otherworldly coastline, provide the ideal conditions to view these creatures. Where to Stay: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Channel Islands National Park - Humpback and Blue Whales: Home to over a third of the world's marine mammal species, California's Channel Islands are best seen from a sailboats and sea kayaks, so you get close enough to feel the mist from their blowholes. Where to Stay: Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara, Belmond El Encanto

Grand Teton National Park - American Bison: Driven to near extinction, the Bison is North America’s largest land mammal and is now over 1,000 strong. With your naturalist guide enjoy a backcountry journey against the backdrop of Wyoming's Teton Range. Where to Stay: Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole, Turpin Meadows Ranch, Amangani

Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve - Grizzly Bears: Despite being part of the largest protected stretch of land on earth, this national park goes almost entirely unvisited. Take a flightseeing safari to observe grizzly bears in their natural habitat from the cockpit of a biplane. Where to Stay: Ultima Thule Lodge