February 21, 2019

Experiences Fit For A President

History buffs rejoice! In honor of President's Day Weekend, we’ve put together a selection of our favorite presidential VIP experiences that your clients can enjoy all year around. To learn more about any of the below, or to custom-design your clients' perfect historical getaway, get in touch with us today at [email protected]

Nighttime Monuments By Boat
Washington, D.C.
Take in the elegant spectacle of Washington, D.C.’s famed presidential monuments illuminated by night from a novel vantage point aboard a privately chartered vessel.
VIP Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
Admire the colossal granite faces of presidents past as your guide regales you with historical tales surrounding this iconic national treasure, then board a helicopter for a fantastic aerial perspective, circling the statue at the presidents’ eye level.
Barack Obama’s Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
On an intimate tour of President Obama's old stomping grounds in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, visit his favorite eateries, former campaign HQ, and current mansion home, then stop for a cone at the ice cream shop where he and Michelle shared their first kiss.
Curator-led Tour of Monticello
Charlottesville, Virginia
Join one of Monticello's chief curators for an insightful behind-the-scenes tour of Monticello, the architectural wonder that served as President Thomas Jefferson’s plantation home.
John F. Kennedy’s Boston
Boston, Massachusetts
Track John F. Kennedy’s journey to the presidency on an immersive tour of his hometown that will highlight his time at Harvard University, former residences and favorite restaurants before going behind the scenes at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.
The George W. Bush Library
Dallas, Texas
On a behind-the-scenes tour of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, peek behind the closed doors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to learn about life in The White House, and gain insight into the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and their far-reaching ramifications.
Teddy Roosevelt Wildlife Safari
Yellowstone, Wyoming
Embrace the conservationist legacy of larger-than-life “cowboy” president, Teddy Roosevelt on a private wildlife safari in the world’s first national park; admire an otherworldly landscape that has hardly changed since the days of his presidency.
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Los Angeles, California
Follow President Ronald Reagan’s unlikely journey from Hollywood leading man to commander-in-chief on a private tour of this fascinating institution, set on a picturesque 100-acre hilltop  campus with sweeping views of the Simi Valley.