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Sebastian Beckwith – Coffee + Tea

Tea Purveyor and Founder, ''In Pursuit of Tea''

Sebastian Beckwith is a ranking American tea authority based in New York City. He is the co-founder of In Pursuit of Tea, a purveyor of fine teas from around the world with tea shops in Soho and Berkely, CA. Sebastian teaches educational tea seminars at New York City's China Institute and the Institute of Culinary Education, as well as at museums and other venues. He also leads presentations with the internationally known, integrative health expert Dr. Andrew Weil at New York City's Columbia University. It was in the 1980s, while working as a trekking guide for the adventure travel company Geographic Expeditions in Bhutan, that Sebastian's interest in tea began after spending time with tea growers in nearby Darjeeling and Sikkim, India. He spends several months a year in Asia sourcing teas.

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