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Metta Murdaya – Spa

Founder, Juara Skincare

Metta Murdaya is from Indonesia and is a true spa maven whose passion comes from the natural environment and culture of her homeland. She has tapped into this inspiration and is now the founder of Juara, a skincare company whose products are inspired by the traditional Indonesian herbal medicine and royal beauty rituals that have been used for millennium. Juara is based in New York City with products in over 100 retail stores, spas, hotels and and high-end department stores around the United States and Canada. Utilizing exotic and innovative natural ingredients to bring the best of the East to meet the desires of the West, Martha Stewart Living has noted that using her products feels like "a spa treatment in the tropics!" With degrees from UC Berkeley and New York University, Metta brings a savvy and urbane savoir-faire to the world of Excursionist's spa experiences.

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