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Avid travelers who care passionately about the world in which we live, we have diverse academic and professional experience that ensures the highest quality, reliability and safety of all the services we offer. Most importantly, we are as obsessed about our clients’ travel as we are about our own!

Norman in Delhi

Norman Aynbinder, President and CEO Excursionist

Why Excursionist? Before founding Excursionist, Norman was a management consultant for Booz Allen, started a non-profit job training center, ran the District of Columbia's Labor Department and managed relationships with luxury travel outfitters at American Express. He has an MBA from NYU and a Masters in International Politics from University of Virginia. Norman's parents are serial entrepreneurs and he is excited to be fulfilling his dream of starting a triple-bottom line venture that provides a new way for people to travel and change the world.

Passions: Nature + Conservation, Social Good, Hiking, Contemporary Art

Greatest Travel Experience: Tracking tigers with a WWF researcher in North India

Next Dream Trip: Meeting a cheetah at the Africat project in Namibia

Elan on Elephant

Elan Nissenboim, Vice President, Operations Excursionist

Why Excursionist?: Elan has been involved in conservation and science projects for organizations including Rare, the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the UN. He is passionate about bringing unique wildlife, science and conservation experiences to Excursionist. His finance and operations experience running international projects around the world also makes him a great COO.

Passions: Nature + Conservation, Natural Science, Local Cuisine, Architecture

Greatest Travel Experience: Madagascar- night hikes searching for lemurs and kayaking off the north-eastern coast to Île Sainte-Marie

Next Dream Trip: Musk Ox, moose, and mountains in Norway

A Greebaum

Alex Greenbaum, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Excursionist

Why Excursionist?: Worked throughout Asia and Africa as an international development economist for 12 years. Sits on the board of a number of organizations that promote urban welfare and the arts. At Excursionist, Alex crafts experiences and works to ensure that financial success goes hand-in-hand with environmental and social responsibility.

Passions: Social Development, Performing Arts

Greatest Travel Experience: Searching for white rhino in Swaziland

Next dream trip: Hiking the Australian Outback

Kieran Lynn

Kieran Lynn, E-Commerce and Web Development Excursionist

Why Excursionist?: As the head of an innovative new design and development firm in Brooklyn, NY, Kieran has lead Excursionist's team of designers, front-end and application developers and systems specialists to create the Excursionist website. Kieran's combined experience designing and building websites for e-commerce companies as well as interactive exhibits for some of the top museums in the United States made him the perfect choice to manage an e-commerce site devoted to arts, cultural and scientific travel.

Passions: Architecture + Design, Contemporary Art, History, Local Cuisine

Greatest Travel Experience: Wandering through the Gion Festival in Kyoto

Next Dream Trip: Traveling the architectural rest stops of Norway